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Brothers in arms

I think, nothing may describe better The Ukrainian - Russian conflict than Dire Strait's "Brothers In Arms" Song.
During my last trip to Kyiv, in the train, I met three young Ukrainian Soldiers.
They were so young, even kids ...
So happy ... So full of life!
They were returning from front to their homes for a short rest I guess.
A few miles to their beloved ones ...
A few miles to their families ...
A few miles to happiness ...
Cell phones on their hands ...
I still can't understand Russian, but I guessed from their attitudes that there are talking with their girlfriends.
They are drunk.
The old, serious conductor woman, comes sometimes and tells something with a very serious voice tone.
I think she's concerned about them.
They can't speak English. But with my non-existent Russian, later, I understood that they fought with police officers in train station :)
I understood why conductor was concerned :)
We started by exchanging cigarettes and fire, on the smal…