Brothers in arms

I think, nothing may describe better The Ukrainian - Russian conflict than Dire Strait's "Brothers In Arms" Song.
During my last trip to Kyiv, in the train, I met three young Ukrainian Soldiers.
They were so young, even kids ...
So happy ... So full of life!
They were returning from front to their homes for a short rest I guess.
A few miles to their beloved ones ...
A few miles to their families ...
A few miles to happiness ...
Cell phones on their hands ...
I still can't understand Russian, but I guessed from their attitudes that there are talking with their girlfriends.
They are drunk.
The old, serious conductor woman, comes sometimes and tells something with a very serious voice tone.
I think she's concerned about them.
They can't speak English. But with my non-existent Russian, later, I understood that they fought with police officers in train station :)
I understood why conductor was concerned :)
We started by exchanging cigarettes and fire, on the small section at the end of wagon.
I was really impessed by their positive energy.
After a while, they called me to their compartment, opened some bags and offered one of their beers.
I am muslim. Not a good one. I know I have lots of sins. But, I am trying to do my best.
I try not to drink alcohol.
But they were so sincere that I didn't want to refuse them.
We returned to non-official smoking area.
I am surprised when they told me two of them has children!
The conversations on the phone became clear :)
Then, I started to sing, Soviet Patriotic love song, "Katyusha".
Suddenly, in that small area, we all started to jump and sing at 4 o'clock of the morning :)
Obviously, the conductor woman, who sits on her small room just next to that section, came with hurry.
When she saw me with them, she was so surprised and she couldn't know what to say.
And she's a mother.
Under her serious attitude towards those kids, she has a strong respect and sympathy.
Without letting her to tell any word, I took her in middle of us and she also started to jump, dance and sing Katyusha :)

I believe, hugging tells a lot of things about someone.
I left the train earlier then them.
They hugged me in a manner that I can never forget!
I felt kids missing their parents. They just needed a father figure, who understands them.

On the rest of the way back to home, I thought all the time.
There are a lot of things to write. Maybe, I can write more about my observations about this conflict in future.
But I beleive, nothing can describe this situation better than Dire Straits :)


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