Linux mmap / munmap / ftruncate / mmap implementation is buggy!

For over ten years, I've been using mmap for my own bigtable implementation.
Now, I can surely confirm that, in Linux, mmap / munmap / ftruncate / mmap implementation is buggy.
If you create a file, mmap it into memory, munmap it, extend it with ftruncate, and again, mmap it into memory, program gets corrupted in unpredictable way.
I tried every solution.
The unique workaround for this bug is to use Linux specific mremap function instead of munmap / mmap.

The bug is consistently repeated in the following scenario, for multi-threaded applications:

Create 10 files, each 2 MBytes.
MMap each file into memory in three segments(First segment, 4096 bytes memory as header, second 128*1024 bytes, and the third, the rest of the file)

Create NumOnlineProcessors * 2 thread and concurrently:
Write some data into mmap'ed segments, especially, 3rd segments.
Then, extend third segment by
  ftruncate (Current file size + 1 MBytes)
  mmap whole 3rd segments
Repeat this process

It's sad to see that Linux has still stability issues.


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